AMD processor with Nvidia graphics card?

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#14501 by ToyCat
05-12-2016 13:25
Hey guys, i stumbled upon a problem when deciding what parts to get for my first pc.
I'm leaning towards an 1070 now because of the benchmarks that i saw on a lot of reviews but i want to stick with an AMD processor and probably an AMD motherboard. Only problem is i don't know if they're compatible. 

So real quick. Can i use a geforce gtx 1070 with an AMD cpu and AMD socket motherboard or do i have to use intel? And also, if i want to use two way SLI in the future, do i need to change motherboards even if the  AMD socket motherboard supports two way SLI? (I read somewhere that i can't but i want confirmation from another source) Thanks.
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#14506 by mesaoz
05-12-2016 17:21
First thing I will say in regards to SLi is - don't.
Unless you already have the fastest single card you can get and still need more it really isn't worth it. Contrary to how it may seem, with SLI you may only gain 50% additional performance for double the cost, and that's only IF the game you want to play supports it.

Spend the extra money on a faster card - always opt for the faster single card instead of 2 slower cards where possible.

When it comes to gaming on intel processors, an i7 isn't going to do anything better than the equivalent level i5, in that regard the i7 is wasting your budget. Where the i7 comes into it's own is in workstation workloads (image processing, rendering, video production, benchmarking, etc.)

In regards to AMD processors, the current gen don't have great per thread performance which is where most of your bottleneck will come from in games. Depending on how badly you want to build now, I would sit tight for a bit longer to see what the new AMD ZEN and Vega platforms have to offer.

At this exact moment in time, intel and nvidia are the best combo if you need something faster than an rx480.
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#14513 by CannonShane
05-12-2016 18:21
Pretty much every AMD CPU available right now, Is out dated as hell. If you are really certain on sticking with AMD for the cpu i would wait until ZEN is released at the start of 2017.
I could elaborate more, But that's AMD in a nutshell right about now.
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#14530 by dannz0r
05-12-2016 20:34
pretty much that in a nutshell, there's much hype for the future Zen CPU which will support DDR4 ram, (and a whole other bunch of standards we've yet to see on AMD mobos) and is aiming to go toe to toe with the higher end market of Intel processors in power (we hope) hold out on AMD processors for a little if you can. happy building :D
P.s. also potentially you can buy some parts On boxing day sales i.e. graphics cards and such. (happy hunting)
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#14531 by GTX Dan
05-12-2016 21:03
From my knowledge cpu have graphics inbuilt to them. When adding in a graphics card is will disable the cpu graphics and it will take over. Graphics performace is based on the dedicated card. AMD from a cost point of view is good value if you are on a budget for a cpu but don't skimp of the graphics card as a 1070 will last you longer than your cpu.
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