"Giving up on Gaming" - a Podcast I really related to

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#17689 by reactorfox
03-05-2017 15:02
I subscribe to this channel called 'This Does Not Compute' on YouTube which focuses a lot on retro gaming, console mods and the occasional review. Recently Colin made a podcast about "Giving up on Gaming" in response to a letter from a subscriber.

Watching it and listening to the story, I could really relate. I've often found that I don't have the time any more to really engage in my gaming. The other thread which showed off everyone's Steam library and the backlog was a bit of an eye-opener and I'm sure other people can relate too. I've tried  to get back into playing some more of my backlog but find I get too easily distracted these days and can't really immerse myself in the game long enough to finish it.

Does anyone else feel the same?
What are you doing to keep yourself immersed in gaming?

Would love to hear how other people handle their passion for gaming :)
#17699 by StealtH1S1K
05-05-2017 01:33
For me I have no problem I find a game 
or IP I enjoy eg's 
Ghost Recon
Splinter Cell
Just Cause

and I find I can even after years go back and hit those titles again
It does help not having much else to do. along with being old and having 
done the family, work  etc and not being a very socially adept creature
friends are more my online groups.
#17700 by mesaoz
05-05-2017 09:25
My tip would be to stop trying to force yourself to play games you think you should like. If it isn't grabbing you just drop it and move on. You'll probably find your tastes have changed.
#18005 by Pedigo
15-08-2017 19:29
reactorfox wrote:I must admit I have a real problem of 'completionism' - in that I want to get the most amount of achievements/trophies from a game as I can, and that hinders a lot of my gameplay experiences 

It's the complete opposite with me, I just never seem to finish games.  I play half of them and move onto the next one.