PB Tech's Black Friday Super Sale!!!

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#923 by ShaDDow
12-11-2015 16:43
Hey Guys!

Some may have heard, also some may have not, but PB Tech is having their biggest sale of the year and it's on tomorrow.
The prices have just been released, but below are just a few of the many great gems you can find.

  • 120GB SSD $69 incl / 250GB SSD $159 incl
  • 42" Full HD LED TV $499 incl
  • 1TB slim external HDD $79 incl
  • 64 GB Micro SD card (Class 10) $22 incl
  • 22" Lenovo monitor $76 incl
  • Brother mono laser printer $59 incl
For more details and more prices, please go to the following link: www.blackfriday.pbtech.co.nz

Sorry if this looks too much like a marketing post, but these prices are actually pretty crazy and just thought someone might be able to get some good bargains out of it. So enjoy!
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#956 by Crystalizer
17-11-2015 17:37
The follw up sale (Cyber Monday) is on until midnight tonight.

Apparently their site got ddos attacked during their online only sale last night so they extended it to today. Pretty sure it would've just been because of heavy traffic rather than ddos attacks, but who knows ...