Shadowplay's in-game resolution problem...

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#17898 by Tigersan
29-06-2017 15:17
When playing Skyrim at 2560x1600, (shadowplay is set to ingame resolution) and i hit recording
the clip produced by shadowplay is recorded at a weird resolution 1728x1090 what gives?

And in Fallout 4 it records at 1920x1218 ??? 
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#17899 by mesaoz
29-06-2017 15:53
Shadowplay is getting worse with every update. Mine now keeps turning the mic and webcam on.
#18100 by Kelt
15-10-2017 03:40
Got the same issue !
I also have 2 screens, the one I play on has a 1080p resolution and the other one is smaller: 1440x900. My PUBG videos get recorded with the later resolution, I don't know why, it used to be in 1080p.