Revit user having trouble with graphics in program

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#17564 by Kaylee
19-04-2017 15:11
Hi I am a Building Design student and I have been using Revit as my architectural program. I bought a Lenovo laptop with required things to run the program. All seemed to work until I want to use graphics and finishing details due to graphics card... I have the Nvidia GeoForce graphics card (as one of the requirements for the program), intel core i7 e.t.c. laptop bought this year... Anyone know about this kind of issue? 

#17565 by Wojee
19-04-2017 15:20
While I'm not familiar with Revit my first suggestion would be to download and install the latest drivers for your GPU.
Lenovo's System Update software is awesome and painless for updating all your laptop's drivers in one hit but keep in mind the version of the Geforce drivers they provide won't be the latest available, but they *may* have been modified by Lenovo to suit your particular machine (although manufacturers seem to do that less in recent years).

The latest Geforce drivers are here.
#17566 by mesaoz
19-04-2017 15:25
You'll need to go into the application settings and tell it you want to use the discrete GPU for rendering rather than integrated gpu of the software renderer