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#17850 by reactorfox
17-06-2017 00:12
mesaoz wrote:Have the forum goers moved to the facebook group? Explains why it's been quiet here lately.

I actually find the facebook group a little overwhelming at times, a lot of people posting pictures and commenting on anything and everything that shows up
#17869 by SgtT8ie
20-06-2017 12:47
Agreed, Geforce ANZ FB group is just another typical Facebook feed, full of memes & attention seeking/internet point scoring.  It just goes to show why I prefer forums over social media for sharing of information & ideas.  I'm in the group but I barely comment on posts/interact.

So please Mark, don't forget us here.
#17874 by GTX Dan
22-06-2017 11:42
I guess facebook makes it easier for people to access the info Nvidia is trying to put out there. Most people check facebook 20 times a day, i would remember to login into the forums 1 or twice a week. I guess when there is not much activity in here it is less than that.

I get my opinions from people in this forum rather than facebook comments, the original and true nfans are on the forum.
#17876 by mesaoz
23-06-2017 10:17
Wojee wrote:
GTX Dan wrote:I guess when there is not much activity in here it is less than that.

Bit of a ghost town currently.