Space engineers says gc is outdated

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#11994 by Reaper13
17-10-2016 19:40
I recently updated SE and also updated the driver.

Upon launching it crash saying graphics card unsupported

This is bullshit

Any help appreciated.

Ps: a lot of people are having same issues with nvidia as well after SE update
#11998 by NvidiaANZ
17-10-2016 20:12
Hi Reaper13,

Can you please share some screenshots and provide is with more information on your PC setup. I'm sure we can share with our team and try to see if there is a solution.
#12028 by NvidiaANZ
18-10-2016 15:15
Thanks for sharing this...

I would suggest to try this.... 

[FIX] Graphics card is not supported please check minimum system requirements 

I have also contacted the developers for you to get their thoughts and feedback on this and share with our team internally.

Please do let us know if you manage to fix this yourself as it does seem to be an interesting issue. 
#12077 by NvidiaANZ
19-10-2016 09:03
I've just received a reply from the developers of the game as well....

"Our last update threw graphics card errors for many of our players. We have not raised the system requirements for the game. It seems that the problem is related to an update for DirectX 11. Many of our users have reported that updating to the newer 11.1 version solves the issue for them.

Just to be sure, make sure that people are updating both Windows and their graphics card drivers."

Kind Regards,
The Keen Software House Support Team

Hope that helps you get back into the game. 
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#12088 by TheQuestionMark
19-10-2016 15:33
Hi there,

Having a quick look around the internet I found this for you...

As I'm on Windows 10 I can't share any feedback on this process. Please let us know if it does work out for you...

How to install the latest version of DirectX

List of the latest DirectX versions and their supported operating systems

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 together with update 2670838 installed - DirectX 11.1

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 - DirectX 11.0

Good Luck and hope this fixes everything.  :)
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