GTX 1080 with poor performance, (worse than my old graphics)

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#17718 by znzls0162
07-05-2017 22:20
I have recently changed my old GTX 970 to a new GTX 1080.
After I change the fps of my games got even worse dropping lower than what I had on gtx 970.
(dropped 200 to 90 ish.)(Overwatch)settings:everything low , rendering 100%

I have checked my BIOS update is on date F21.
I have checked the graphics card is on date (EVGA 1080 ftw)
I have checked if there is any fps caps I made both in-game or as vga driver.
I have tried few other 3D control settings from NVIDIA section, of-course no vertical sync.
I even formatted everythign in my drives to check if there are any warm virus's taking my usage out.
(Obviously the cables are connected to the right part, (the settings were exactly same as when i was using GTX 970))

Therefore, I thought there was something wrong with the graphic card.
I have checked if there is any issue with the graphics card
Running benchmark, (firestrike) gave me 23000 which is good.
Using different computer, playing overwatch with exactly same settings, the fps was stable on 250+.

Nothing seemed to make my fps get better.

SO NOW, I am here wondering if my mother board (GA-b150m-d3h) with intel cpu(i5 6500) supports gtx 1080.
Also if there is anything I could be missing out, please let me know to check out.

#17725 by NvidiaANZ
09-05-2017 16:02
Hi Znsls0162,

Thanks for contacting us for help with this. I have brought this up with our team to try and assist and get more information.

Can we ask if you have the latest updates to the GeForce Experience, what versions of Windows are you using and is that up to date?

Even the monitor you are using could be an issue. Is this a 3 screen setup for example.

The more information that you can provide the easier that this will be to find the solution.


#17731 by StealtH1S1K
11-05-2017 16:54
This is an interesting one 
after having looked into this board there appears to be 
an extremely wide variation of reported benchmarks
using identical components. 
especially when you toss in the 1080.
what other specs are on your system? eg RAM size and speed, HDD/SSD 

most of what I am seeing points to the system being a beast of a workstation
but a drag at gaming. 
I would guess at there being a bottleneck somewhere possibly in RAM.
#17732 by mesaoz
11-05-2017 18:09
Install afterburner and see if the card is actually clocking up properly and not just staying in 2d mode.

Could also be geforce experience "optimizing" the game and turning on DSR which would massively kill framerates.

Also overwatch's automatic resolution scaling may see the 1080 and auto increase to 150% scale.

Need to know some more in depth info before being able to help more.