Buggy Game Play and Sound Tearing

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#18048 by DemoDayne
21-09-2017 18:47
 Recently put together a new build:
      Asus H110M-K
      Intel G4400 Dual Core 3.3
      2x4gb DDr4
      EVGA GeForce 1050ti
While playing and sometimes just from browsing things glitch out and sound seems to be tearing. I updated all the bios and chipsets and tried reinstalling the GeForce drivers several times but to no avail. Please help.  Video Attached.  I'm not sure if it has something to do with Ansel in general or not.

Like here in the first couple seconds of the vid.
or here before I get to the bat.
#18061 by DemoDayne
22-09-2017 04:25
Also here.... some games it skips alot like its buffering video and others they become non playable. The skips in the video aren't form the video transfer that's what happens during gameplay. Check between :19-:21