Gigabyte GTX 1080 Ti Aorus Xtreme 11G VR framerate issue/fix

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#18077 by dmcknz
29-09-2017 08:56
Hi all, I built my rig in April with all the gear (in my signature below). a pretty powerful rig and it plays in VR very well... for a while.
I have been having a strange issue where framerates begin to drop, whether I under or overclock. It begins to drop about 45min through playing and gets unbearable in VR. I would need to start the PC and begin gaming ASAP to get 45min before VR sickness sets in. This happens (though not noticeably in normal gaming too).

I have been following the topic on the main Geforce forum:
and they have a tonne of fixes, I even entered the Windows Insider program to overcome some other frame drop issues. there are a few suggested fixes involving the Nvidia control panel among others, but none that show my issue, and after SIX MONTHS i finally figured out what it was. (yes I have formatted twice and again, issues came back but I couldn't find a solution).

Please see my attached screenshots. I have the Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme 1080Ti, and the Aorus Graphics Engine for controlling lighting, fan speeds and clock settings. Also I have the gigabyte app center for other apps like fan control and CPU overclocking. I know these vendor tools can be buggy but they seem to be fine...

I have since found out this isn't exactly true! When the Graphics Engine is running, a service called MBLED.exe runs. It isn't often visible when the app is running in the foreground. What is interesting, if you use Nvidia control panel to view what is running on the GPU, the service is using the GPU. Frame timings are fine at first until they start to get messed up. Once the service is killed in task manager all frames return to normal. There may be other apps using the GPU so the same method I hope may help others with similar problems to me.

Open the developer options view in Steam VR and you will see a display frame timings tab. This should show relatively stable frames. Red lines are delays in frame rendering. If it is all red (and obviously you will have frame rate drops in the headset although SteamVR doesn't always show drops at first. 

Go to control panel and open the nvidia control panel. There is a menu at the top "desktop" click it, and then click "display GPU activity on taskbar". There you should have a new icon on the taskbar and you can see apps running on the GPU. All the steam apps and some other windows processes might be there, but MBLED.exe will be there too!

Open Task manger (click more details if you have to) and find the MBLEd.exe application (in running processes). If it is not running, close the aorus graphics engine and it will appear running in the background. Close the application MBLEd.exe and you should find like I did, all stuttering/jittering and dropped frames vanish and you can play in VR for hours on end with no frames dropped. Gigabyte have an update for the graphics engine but I don'y know if this solves the problem. Good luck to anyone else that has been pulling their hair out over the same issue!
#18083 by dmcknz
30-09-2017 18:28
Crystalizer wrote:Woah! That's a very specific issue lol

Thanks for the detailed post! I'm sure it will help someone out in future :D

Yeah man! It was insane the amount of fixes I had tried when nothing worked. I had never even thought it could be the graphics engine software from gigabyte (or more importantly, the LED service). I have no idea why they would have the LED service running on the GPU, there should be no reason for it to be actively using CUDA cores but I assume it is! I guess after it is running for a while, it causes conflicts leading to delayed starts in rendering frames to the card. So very very weird! Have tried the new graphics engine but think it still happens.