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#6348 by Miles333
25-05-2016 21:37
I bought a new graphics card (GTX 950 OC) and my graphics at the moment are intel's on board HD graphics 4600. I inserted my gpu into the pc and everything is plugged in correctly but when I went to install the drivers it said "NVIDIA GEFORCE Experience requires gpu". I read up about it and all I could see was I had to delete my old drivers so I deleted the onboard graphics and tried to install the NVIDIA drivers and received the same results. So I decided to look further into the issue and found that it may be windows 10 is there anything you could possibly do to help?
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#6364 by naza0166
26-05-2016 00:19
Are you able to check if you can see your GTX 950 in "Device Manager" as shown in my example below?

I would try Display Driver Uninstaller to uninstall both IGPU and if there is any current NVIDIA driver installed via http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/dis ... nload.html.

I would then uninstall GeForce Expereince and any anything else NVIDIA GPU driver related that might of been missed and download and install the current version which is 368.22 WHQL via http://www.nvidia.co.uk/download/driver ... 3099/en-uk.

Also does it show your PC that Windows 10 is up to date? Latest Windows 10 build is as shown below. To check yourself type "winver" in search or in the "Run" box to find out.

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#6419 by naza0166
26-05-2016 19:00
Miles333 wrote:My graphics card does not show up in the device manager anyways

I would turn the PC off and the power supply and unplug it from the wall.
I would then reseat the GPU into the PCIE x16 slot. Then reconnect the 6 or 8 pin connector.
Plug the power back in and turn the PSU back on. Then turn on the PC again and confirm if there is any lights on the GPU to show it has power. Then see if it shows in device manager and if not to try install the driver again.
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