New Aldi 3D Printer

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#2885 by Bullus
19-02-2016 18:41
Picked up one of the cocoon create 3D printers on Wednesday for making stuff for modding and in process of making youtube vid (gotta work out how to do 'timelapse' of the 1+ hr videos of the 3D process) but for all you guys and girls here while I work on that, I figured ya might like this.  Bit sketchy as my first design printed in 3D and first print I had done which was hollow and flat surfaces at the top, but I kinda like it and think it gives it a 'borg' feel.

find it funny though, took me 30 secs to grab logo from Nvidia page, 5 Min to manipulate it in Sketchup and export as 3D, 30 secs to dump into Cura to 'slice', then 1hr to print in 3D (on a single head, I manually swapped colors, and sorry if green doesn't match aldi only had 4 colors :cheerful:  ) then I spent another 5-10 min trying to take a couple of 2D photos to prove to you all it really is 3D  :lol:  
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#2893 by Kommandant33
19-02-2016 20:43
siliconart wrote:Oh wow that's cool.. how much are they at Aldi?

I believe it's $499 - it's a clone of a clone for what I've heard - or at least a rebranded model.
#2896 by Bullus
19-02-2016 22:17
TheQuestionMark wrote:That's looks great. Nice job.

How big is that though? It's hard to tell form the images.

the print size of the bed is supposedly 200mm x 200mm x 180mm.  The Nvidia 'badge' is 90mm x 55mm x 4mm (the green, 2.5mm for the black)

and sneak peek from video, :P  super boring and geeky

#2898 by Bullus
20-02-2016 02:33

1hr and 7 mins of footage (7.2gb) condensed to 4 min for you all to enjoy  :D
#2917 by Bullus
20-02-2016 22:52
Ok done some quick mods to my printer (lol actually used nuts and stuff from my first watercooling TT big water kit), and picked up a card reader so I can write to micro sd to put straight into machine, problem with that is, being able to stop the print and swap colors manually as I can with connection to Cura, but going to do the same run again with same settings just through card instead of cable and see how the print quality varies.
#2925 by Bullus
21-02-2016 07:57
scanned these with flatbed scanner to get really good shots, all generated from same .dae file each print through Cura


The one you have already seen, 0.1mm layer, 1mm wall, 10% infill 0.3mm top and bottom, printed via USB with pause and manual color change


Same stats printed from micro SD card


changed infill to 20% rest same via micro SD


1mm wall, 0.1mm layer, 20% infill, 0.5mm top (didn't print bottom on this to test that as well as save time) via micro SD


1mm wall, 0.2mm layer, 20% infill, 0.5mm top and bottom,  via micro SD  (finally pretty happy with results and really happy with what I learnt from all the tests)


1mm wall, 0.2mm layer, 20% infill, 0.5mm top and bottom,  via USB with pause and manual color change (to test signal degradation over usb (because that is the only way I can do filament changes) and to test item distortion with manual filament changes)

( and seriously GREEN IS FREAKING COOL )

now not saying anything, BUT, just saying..........   custom waterblock prototyping moulds to sandcast in silver  :whistling:   <3