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#10796 by NvidiaANZ
08-09-2016 14:16

A FASTER, BETTER GEFORCE EXPERIENCE - Redesigned from the ground up to be fast and lightweight, the new GeForce Experience keeps your gaming rig updated and running better than ever before.

GAME-READY DRIVERS - Get Game Ready drivers meticulously optimized for each newly released title. Just click and install.

KEEP YOUR GAMES OPTIMIZED - GeForce Experience analyzes your specific CPU, GPU, and display monitor and automatically customizes game settings for the best experience.

SHARE YOUR GREATEST GAMING MOMENTS - Want to show off your gaming skills? Use the in-game overlay to quickly capture and share videos, screenshots, and livestreams with your friends.

"GeForce Experience is the easiest way to update your drivers, optimize your games, and share your victories. We have rebuilt the whole thing from the ground up – to give you more of what you love. It is 3X faster while using half the memory from the previous version. Plus it has a new streamlined user interface based on suggestions from gamers."

#10799 by Lazzios
08-09-2016 15:28
I can confirm that this is a great update so far! Still looking at the things that have changed but so far I like it!
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#10848 by SgtT8ie
09-09-2016 20:38
Installed GeF Exp 3.0 last night - games won't optimise automatically, no biggie but seeing as that's where the new GUI takes you to first I thought it's worth a mention.  More annoyingly Ansel in Witcher 3 doesn't work anymore....

Performed a Game Install verification on Witcher 3 and now reinstalling latest NVidia driver.  So not the greatest experience so far.

Will keep chipping away & let you know if I work out what went wrong.

edit - reinstall of driver and restart of system seems to have sorted the Ansel issue; but still my games library is sitting there with grey exclamation marks "Game can't be optimized".
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#10850 by Genotype_Jim
09-09-2016 21:41
*Jumping out of chair* 

OOOH!!!  Just installed this now!!!

First impressions:

  • Looks fantastic and does seem to run a whole lot faster.
  • So much easier to find release highlights, they also seem a lot more detailed (like I remember them being a few years ago).
  • The banner style is MUCH nicer and I love how you can hide games so easily.
Now from personal experience, I KNOW the dev team behind all this magic are listening (very humbling to have found this out I have to say), Soooo I'm going to throw in my 2 cents for some future features. The one thing that stops me from using the 'Optimise' feature is that I'm one of those pedantic framerate junkies and absolutely MUST have my game running at a locked 60fps (I'll be upgrading to the Acer Predator XB241H in a few weeks, so G-Sync may make me change my tune on this). 

So I'm really looking for the following options before I can use the Optimise tool:
  • Resolution target - CHECK!!! 
  • Framerate target - Not as of yet... 
For those of you out there like myself, the Optimise tool isn't without it's uses though. If I'm wanting to jump straight into a new game without the hassles of testing and retesting settings, then this is fantastic. ALSO, when I'm trying to squeeze those last few frames out of my system so it's hitting a solid 60 frames, looking at the Optimised recommendations can be extremely helpful when trying to select options that will affect visual clarity the least. My number one go to is the Nvidia Performance Guides as they are always amazingly written and thorough as all hell!!!

My last recommendations are 

1) The ability to SAVE your game settings to your account. This would be great for jumping back into highly customisable games that you haven't had installed for a while (think GTA V for instance). 

2) The ability to SCREENSHOT your settings with a one click button. This would not only help you share them with friends, but might increase the visibility of the Geforce Experience when game bloggers and YouTube hosts display their settings with the tool as it's the easiest way to record and share the info with their followers.

Anywho, just a though.

Keep the great work coming Nvidia!!
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#10889 by SteelCrusaders
11-09-2016 01:26

3x faster. I'm really really keen for that! The issue I always had with the app was that it took ages to load up. 
Sweet! im a happy chap
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