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#17225 by NvidiaANZ
23-03-2017 16:41

NVIDIA Australia & New Zealand is proud to present TEAM GREEN NVIDIA ANZ… 

We are partnering up with local TWITCH streamers to produce great content about all things NVIDIA, GeForce, ANSEL, GameWorks, Virtual Reality, PC Gaming and so much more. We highly recommend following and subscribing to these wonderful people as they have a lot to say and will be working closely with us on some great content and competitions as well.

Hey Friends! My name is Nick, but on Twitch they call me StabStabbies! I'm a fun loving full time variety caster that likes to focus on having a friendly community and make you laugh as much as I possibly can! As mentioned, I play all sorts of games including Tom Clancy games, Overwatch and many story driven games! Come say Hi and meet new friends, as you're always welcome! <3

Howdy, Welcome to the Wyld. I've been gaming for 30 plus years now, and my passion for it and my desire to share it only grows stronger. My streaming life revolves around modded Minecraft (creating modpacks as well as breaking them) and new/interesting games on release, plus the occasional social game with my viewers. Come on over and say hi and who knows .. you may discover a community you always wished you were part of.

Hai I'm belle That's me, Twitch Streamer, PC Lover, Video Game addicted. I'm Level 22 and an Australian Twitch Partner, Podcaster And eSports enthusiast that plays one too many games I stream 6 days a week pushing for 7. I am also training to become a Helicopter Pilot among buying pet fish. But my real passion is streaming and entertaining my viewers, the "hams." Looking forward to being part of Team Green.

Quiet girl, loud rage. Very passionate about being the best, despite being very average at games. I love streaming because I get to meet people who are as strange as me. Overwatch is my favourite game at the moment, but I love story games and whatever is new. Built my own pc and getting a custom one modded out soon with the help of sponsorships. Why to check it out? I am some great background noise while you enjoy my sarcastic and lovable community. One of the best on twitch...some amazing people there. 

DYoshiiTV is an ex-television personality and bilingual Twitch streamer, playing games in both English and small amounts of Japanese and is focused on having a good time and making new friends with streaming! Yoshii is a variety streamer therefore you’re often in for a surprise as he’ll stream AAA titles all the way to unknown, unreleased titles! He’s currently using a GeForce GTX970 and has been expanding to stream games off his PC more often. If you’re after a more relaxed streamer with a chill chat and maybe want to make some friends in a new community, come give Yoshii a watch!

50% Beard 50% Man, Father, Gamer - I'm known by many things but the thing that describes me most is that I'm a magnet for disaster. No matter the game I tend to find myself in some un-explainable situation. I'm an everything gamer from First Person Shooters to MOBA's and MMO's. If you're on the lookout for a variety streamer then I've got you covered. I also have the manliest scream you'll ever hear. 

Please welcome TEAM GREEN NVIDIA ANZ… 

For all updates, competitions, meet ups with #TeamGreenNvidiaANZ make sure to LIKE and FOLLOW our FaceBook Page and Twitter.
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#17230 by StealtH1S1K
23-03-2017 19:37
Welcome new and old #TeamGreenNvidiaANZ

Good to see this ANZ community is really building quite well.
Now I can't wait for some more meetups.
#17273 by HextechShane
27-03-2017 19:29
Loserfruit has come so far, I remember watching her way back years ago when I was streaming myself, she was always pretty chill. Its good to see how far Australian streamers have come and where they're going in the future. Congratulations to all of Team Green and more importantly awesome job to Nvidia for picking such a quality bunch to represent them.
#17368 by AfterBurner_1
29-03-2017 20:33
Welcome to the community, all of you I hope we all get to have some good times

Fiber/cable has really helped the cause, I've had a few friends make very comfortable lives out of their hobbies. mostly cross platform peeps and boy they make me look slow on the uptake in their preferred games. I'd like to get to that point soon but i really have to overhaul the systems for it.
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