The days of AWESOME video game box art!

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#17663 by StabStabbies
29-04-2017 13:15
Who remembers the great days of epic and exciting video game box art?

That feeling when taking a trip to your local Video store or game shop, heading over to your favorite platform and laying your precious eyes on those sweet looking games and get that feeling of overwhelming goodness from the delicious box art! 
Yes? No? I definitely do!

I miss those days of the mystery and discovery from the first glance at the gem you've just picked up! 

Take Left 4 dead for example, 

When you first look at the cover art you don't get spoiled as to what the whole game is, it teases you with an undead hand reaching up! 
"What is this sick looking game?! ZOMBIES!? HELL YES!!" That was my first reaction when i saw the game and it made me want to look into it more! 

One of my favorite box art covers was of Until Dawn! GOD THAT LOOKED COOL!
You got the mysterious horror skull hourglass with the creepy cabin and group of kids. Like what is this game? What's its deal and i want to play it! And let's be honest, i way more prefer this mystery cover than a cover that shows the main threat in the game holding a weapon. Don't you?


What's your favorite video game box art? (recent or old school) 
Feel free to share any photo's as a reply! Would love to see!
#17680 by Kizza043
02-05-2017 17:57
I have many I like, but here are a few just cause :D

Pokémon, because why not? :)

My favourite pokemon....
Despite it looking vicious, it's just so damn cool <3

I really love Kingdom Hearts too :)

Nothing like a deep hitting story...with dark elements :)

Speaking of which

Such a simple "box art" for such a complex game :D
#17684 by GTX Dan
02-05-2017 22:28
I remember seeing the kingdom hearts cover at retail stores and took months for me to realise there were disney characters on the front. Very clever art