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17-10-2015 01:48
ANZ Forums Commenting Guidelines

Thank you for joining the NVIDIA Australia & New Zealand GeForce Forums. This is a place for our NFANS to learn more about NVIDIA GeForce and get the latest info, news, updates, events, products and more.

We are very excited to have these forums as a destination for you to interact with us and other community members by posting comments, photos and videos. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to remove comments or block fans from using these forums for any reason.

Keep it on topic: You agree to keep your comments and posts within the purpose of our forums.

No Selling: If you want to sell (or Give Away) PC Parts, Games, Software etc use eBay, Gumtree, The Trading Post or FaceBook. These forums are NOT designed for these transactions. Specifically if something goes wrong... No items, wrong items or faulty items shipped.

Keep it clean: Please don't post comments that are unlawful, abusive, defamatory, offensive, or that contain profanities.

Keep away from: infringement of any intellectual property rights of any person; posting false or misleading content; spamming; commercial solicitation or solicitation of donations; link baiting (embedding a link in your post to drive traffic to your own site); or uploading files that contain viruses or programs that could damage other people's systems.

Photo Sharing Sites: Do not use external sites for sharing images at all. Appropriates photos can be attached easily via the forums so there is no need to use any other services. 

PC Gaming: There are a range of games across multiple devices, platforms and consoles that everyone can enjoy. That said lets try and keep the focus on PC titles.

Username, Avatar and Signature: All usernames, images and links must not offend, upset, discriminate etc. And they must not contain any letters or words, logos from any current (or past) business, organisation, charity unless authorised to do so.  

Opinions, statements, or views posted by NFANS on our Forums are communications by the persons posting them, and they are not adopted or endorsed by NVIDIA and do not represent the views of NVIDIA or its management. Posts by others that describe opinions, views or experiences may not be representative or indicative of another's personal experience.


Here are some great posts from our NFANS that are worth checking out to get you started...



Signatures - by Crystalizer 

Please check these guidelines from time to time as they will evolve and adapt over time.

We hope you enjoy your time here as an NFAN.

Once again welcome to the forums and thanks again for joining.

UPDATED: 08/03/2017
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#5442 by arkayne
15-05-2016 21:20
IndiescoGames wrote:Fair enough I like hownew Zealand and Australia are grouped together and understand the pain of MC donalds quality WiFi.
Please tell me im not the only one. lol

Lol why are you using Maccas wifi? xD

+1 on the clean design of the forums :)
#5640 by arkayne
17-05-2016 21:58
IndiescoGames wrote:NZ wifi is pretty much maccas speeds like 1kbs

Ouch :O Fortunately, with NBN in Australia and having at least FTTN we can now opt in for (upto) 100mbps* speeds, so I can't complain anymore... if you asked me 6 months ago I'd agree lol
#6371 by sp0ck99
26-05-2016 02:31
I agree that these rules seem pretty fair compared to some other forums I read. Like Aikirob said, the layout is very nice I do agree.